“Combining the best elements of chaotic hardcore and visceral metalcore , Austin-based Koningsor are set to release a new, self-titled EP, their first release since 2019. While only two tracks long, Koningsor packs in all the raw emotion of a full “The Venerable Mr. Locust” is packed with finger twisting arpeggios and precisely timed drums that create a sense of tension for the listener. Chord progressions throughout break up an otherwise chaotic track into moments the listener and adequately grasp.  “Japan Japan” is a mathy smack in the face, which quickly morphs through several variations before hitting a bit of melody.

They do make subtle use of clean vocals, treading the line between complete chaos and control” –Metal Injection

“The Texas mathcore unit is the latest in a lineage of alternative aggressors like Dillinger Escape Plan, Protest The Hero, and Heavy Heavy Low Low. In a short five years, the band has refined their frenzied musical assault, showcasing their ability to work in sonic spaz into a succinct songwriting.” –Knotfest

“Silent Pendulum has released music by The Number Twelve Looks Like You, Heavy Heavy Low Low, meth., and others, and if you dig those bands (or The Dillinger Escape Plan, Botch, Converge, etc, ect), you’re probably gonna like the chaotic mathcore of Koningsor’s new song “The Venerable Mr Locust.” It’s a killer track that’ll bring you right back to this genre’s early/mid 2000s heyday but sounds fresh today too.” –Brooklyn Vegan

“KONINGSOR captures ears with high-energy take on chaotic hardcore & captivating blend of metalcore and mathcore” –idioteq.com

#1 on “Shit you should be listening to May 2018” –worldwide-underground.com

“Koningsor is one of those bands that after watching them wreck the stage, you almost feel obligated to buy them a beer and thank them for a great show.” –Ryan R. (Host) ATX Metal Podcast

“Koningsor!? You mean party in a box?” –Skylar H. (Talent buyer) Come & Take It Productions

Combining crushing melodies with intricate dynamic shifts KONINGSOR maturely guides the listener on a journey exploring experience, influence, and experimentation. Capturing ears immediately, the music boldly commands the attention of everyone present at venues while a start to finish high energy performance further engages the viewer, strengthening the bond between the band and the crowd.

Bands we’ve shared the stage with: Norma Jean, Heavy Heavy Low Low, The Number 12 Looks Like You, Chamber, Moon Tooth, Lorna Shore, The Motion Mosaic, The Faceless, War of Ages, Oceano, Duck Duck Goose, Escape the Fate, Steaksauce Mustache, Islander, Fire From The Gods, Bystander, Athanatos, Dyscarnate, By The Thousands, Sea of Treachery, Deadships, God of Nothing, Phantoms, REIGN, Covina, Sea of Treachery, DSGNS, Omotai, Poolside At The Flamingo, KRVSHR, Ghost Key, The Convalescence, Nihil, Revisionist, So This is Suffering, Agamemnon, Mona Borland, Rickshaw Billies Burger Patrol, Vessels, Capsize, and many more